RESTUBE Safety Products

RESTUBE is your safety backup for all kinds of activities around water. Due to its small size and light weight the small pocket can be worn around your waist or at your harness wherever you are or what you are doing, Paddleboarding, Surfing Kayaking or any other water sport. If necessary, pull the trigger and RESTUBE inflates within seconds. Now you have time. Perfect for the use in open waters.

IT GIVES YOU A BETTER TIME AROUND WATER. As a loyal companion that you shortly will not even notice. You are wearing your “peace of mind“.

We wear a helmet riding the bike, in the car we use the belt and if we shred powderlines in the snow we are using avalanche backpacks. For activities in water there is RESTUBE, to experience the time better. A strong current, a cramp or just the bad feeling or even panic when the alga touches your foot or big waves are catching you: RESTUBE can defuses a lot of situations. The yellow buoy inflates in that moment when you pull the trigger. Now you have time. It is so small and light, that you will forget it when stowed in the small bag. IMPORTANT: RESTUBE is no substitute for a life vest but an useful additional backup.

Restube manufactures a range of safety buoys that offers safety for water-related activities.

Restube’s range of buoy include basic, classic, swim, sports, and lifeguard. The buoy consists of a trigger that inflates through a CO2 cartridge when pulled. It can be used for surfing, on-board, outdoor, swimming, paddleboarding and professionally lifeguarding.

RESTUBE founded in 2012 by Christopher Fuhrhop, Christian Schwarzkopf, and Marius Kunkis and is based in Germany.

Sage Paddle Company is a proud supporter of RESTUBE Safety Products.

Sage Paddle Co RESTUBE – more freedom and safety for everybody![/caption]